The you- tube the video sharing website for millions of users worldwide has become the attractive vision for the eyes and tick-tick sensation for the ears and the flowery smell for nose. As the juice pipe in shape of tube lets you suck the juice *in* same way tube of the you tube develops a crawling pinpoint sensation in your nerves to watch videos one by one, one after the other. And then the videos you watch leaves you nowhere without discussing your views either with the friends you are watching or with the users if you are alone.

It’s so simple in today’s century to just Google the words you are in search of and watch their videos, from watching your favourite bollywood stars videos to learning of cooking or to learn any academics thing or many more we have you tube to watch and learn.

Basic concept has become is to watch and learn.

When you like something you always go to that shop and purchase it and give the money in seller’s hand same as when you like the videos you just give your review which helps other users to think to watch it or not. Youtube views are very important to know the basic understanding in peoples liking and disliking as it will help in increasing the budget of the up loaders to make changes in their second upload.

Ecosystem of the business has only evolved because of the likes, subscribers and dislikes of the videos.

Views are metric which shows the genuine interest of the public. Youtube views are the flexible and strongest nodule which decides the alignment of the profitable business.

As camera polarizes your image and show you your beautiful picture same as the beauty of viewers to write their views make that video in favourable of other viewers.

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