Understanding the causes of Osteoarthritis and its problems by Regina Kurrasch

Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease which is actually a condition when a cartilage breaks down and as a result of which the bones when rub together causes pain and swelling. This becomes painful for the patients too as they are unable to walk and the obesity factor also causes them to suffer as the extra pounds put a lot of weight on the bones. In this event, Regina Kurrasch who is working in this field is of the view that one needs to understand the requirements of his/her body.

Factors affecting Osteoarthritis

As it is related with the swelling and pain in the bones and even people suffering with it are mostly down with obesity so one needs to understand about various factors responsible for it. With the changing lifestyle and food habits, people are becoming more prone to junk food which means the adding of adipokines – a kind of immune protein to the body and which results in inflammation of tissues and damaging tissues over a period of time.

According to Regina Kurrasch, there are many more factors which add to this chronic disease of joints that even makes it difficult for the patients to walk properly and they suffer with constant pain. Here are some of the underlying factors which tell about the occurrence and contribution to this disease:-

  • Genetic factors: This is one of the important factors which contribute to this chronic disease as the genetic diseases affects the patients straightaway. In this scenario, it may happen that there can be low collagen production which will make the patient to develop the symptoms of Osteoarthritis even at the young age of around 20 years.
  • Injury or an accident: An accident can cause much distress to the patients and the injury mostly in the joints leads to excessive pain. With continuous movement during the injury to the joint, this may also lead to the condition of Osteoarthritis in the person. Even any injury or weakness in the muscles which are supporting the joint can lead to cartilage breakdown too.
  • Body weight: It is seen and verified through the initial investigations that if the body weight is in excess then it can cause people to suffer. An increase in the body weight will directly affect the joints and increases the risk of this chronic disease.

Ways for its treatment

Osteoarthritis is one of the chronic diseases which are actually making people to suffer with unending pain and even it’s mainly related with the joint problems in hip, knee, foot etc. But Regina Kurrasch is of the view that with some low-impact exercises, this chronic disease can be treated and people can get help in the treatment of their joint problems. This can be treated with the help of:

  • Stationary cycling
  • Swimming
  • Walking

Lastly, it can be seen that with the help of mild exercises, this chronic disease can be prevented to some extent.

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