Toning up and Stepping Out

There is just no getting around the fact that, the better we look, the better we feel.

The better we feel, the more confident we are, and the more we enjoy being out and being seen.

Most of us think about this every year as summer approaches. Warmer weather means lighter clothing, swim gear and the like. Summer usually means more social activity, and It also means that hiding those extra pounds becomes almost impossible.

Along with summer, anxiety rises around significant events. Weddings, Graduations, Milestone birthdays and the like all mean photo’s, photos that will be part of our lives forever. At those times, more than most, having a toned, healthy, vibrant appearance matters.

The Benefits of exercise are immediate.

It will take a little time but getting into shape is a lot easier than you might think, and can be done in the privacy of your own home, with a little home exercise equipment.

Along with your weight, the most noticeable thing at these times is Skin Tone. A confident smile and glowing skin make an enormous difference to those timeless photo’s and to the way you feel about yourself.

The great news is that studies are showing that your confidence and well being start to rise as soon as you start exercising.

Not only that, but as you exercise you body pumps more blood, that blood carries extra oxygen to all of your cells. This flushes out skin cells, and brings anti-oxidants which reduce and reverse skin damage. So even if there is more weight to move, you will already be looking more healthy and more radiant.

Those same ant-oxidants also get to your scalp and hair follicles. this reduces damage to your hair and you can see the increased lustre.

So where do you start.

To drop weight the best exercises are resistance training (with weights) and aerobic training (walking, running, swimming or cycling). You can also try Yoga for flexibility.

To tone up legs and arms one of the best things to invest in is a set of Ankle weights. They vary in weight, and if you buy adjustable, snug fitting ankle weights you can change both the fit, and the weight level easily.

These are designed for use on both ankles and wrists, and once in place those few extra pounds greatly increase the benefit you get from many types of exercise.

Remember Ankle weights are for strengthening and toning, so most professionals would advise against wearing them when jogging or running. You can be the judge of how they feel if you are
using walking for your exercise.

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