Men’s Leather Jackets

A leather jacket is a long length coat that is usually used to wear on top of another item of clothing. The leather material is available in many colors e.g. Dyed black, various shades of brown. Styles of wearing leather jackets vary from culture to culture such as greasers, motorcyclists, military aviators, and police.

Modern leather jackets are produced in many countries including Italy, Pakistan, Canada, India, Mexico and the US. The Sons of anarchy jacket is becoming popular from time to time.

In the early 90s, Brown leather Jackets were worn by the members of the military. The jackets were also used in 2nd world war, names as “bomber jackets”. People felt warmth in leather jackets. The jackets were also a uniform of the pilots because it protects them from extreme climate & weather changes found at high altitude & heights. Leather jackets were also commonly worn by Russians & were proper uniform for Commissars during War.

Backsin, lambskin, sheepskin & Antelope are commonly used to make leather jackets.  The skin is removed from the animals at the meat processing plant and it is packed in barrels of brine. It is then sent to tennery where several processes are performed in it. Sewing material such as thread, lining, buttons, snaps and zippers bought from outside vendors and stored in factory.

In the later-half of the twentieth century, the leather jackets achieved an iconic status. They were also used in Hollywood. The jackets were popularized by many stars in the 90s including famous actor “Jimmy Steward”.

There are also many examples of iconic jackets worn by popular culture. The one was worn by the T-800 character of The Terminator films. After that, the jacket was worn by Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

The leather jackets are also used by motorcyclists as personal protective equipment. The leather jackets are heavier and thicker. The prices of leather jacket various due to quality.

Leather jackets for bikers are designed by a famous company named as “Perfecto”. Perfecto is a brand of lancer fronted. The jackets are designed by Lrving Schott and manufactured by an American Company Schott NYC. The first jackets from this company were introduced in 1928 that was made especially for bikers.  The jackets are worn by celebrities including Marlon Brnado in the seminal Movie “The Wild One”.

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