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Black Tokaido GI refers to authentic black karate uniform made in Japan. This uniform is made from ultimate cotton grown by Tokaido Textile Company. This uniform is known for its quality and standard due the strength and comfort of the cotton used to make it.

Black TokaidoGi is the best heavy weight karate uniform known across the world.You can tell it from other counterfeit brands such as TokaidoArashi which is made in China by observing the following instructions:

� Colour- the authentic Black TokaidoGi karate uniforms come in black. In case your supplier does not have black ones, then they might not be coming from a genuine source.

� JKA Logo and Red Fist Logo- genuine Black TokaidoGi uniforms bear these two logos. Incase you are sold one without these logos, then it will automatically be a fake one.

� Original Black TokaidoGi should be a traditional cut one. Avoid Tournament cut ones since they are genuine.

� Ultimate cotton- Black TokaidoGi uniforms are known for their comfortability and durability. This is because they are made from ultimate cotton labeled as number 10 by the Japanese Government. This cotton is believed to be of very high quality in Japan compared to other canvas materials and it is the only allowed to be described as ��ultimate’.

� Authetic Karate Gi uniforms from Japan are known for their quality. They are never rated in any way and in case you come across any Karate Gi uniform rated as ��14 ounce canvas’ know that they are likely fake ones.


Evidently, from the above discussion, it is quite challenging and tricky to tell an original Tokaido Japan uniform from other brands. Always avoid other brands that lack the features and qualities outlined above. For instance, Keep off brands such as Tokaido Tsunami and TokaidoArashi which is made in China.

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