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Using CLen – A knowhow

Body building is all about losing fat and wearing down muscles such that new tissues form in its stead. Bodybuilding has different phases where the cutting phase is critical. This step involves cutting down the excess body fat. Increased metabolism is the only means of getting rid of excess body fat.

Clen is also much more effective as compared to supplements such as Ephedrine and Ephedra and provides thrice the metabolic gain which is helpful in maintaining weight loss. To understand if Clenbuterol works or not, you should look at the before and after pictures and reviews posted by genuine users of Clenbuterol.

Using Clen, it suppresses the appetite of a person, with this a person will eat less, and this helps one in his cutting cycle. This also helps in boosting the energy levels and promotes the fat loss when a person does high-intensity workouts. Clen works best when taken with anabolic supplement and with structured diet. When taking clen, one must make high-calorie food. Using Clen as the supplement along with diet plan helps in losing fat.weight-loss-doctors

More than medical prescribed. Clenbuterol is sold illegally in the market in countries where it is banned. The international sports authority has banned its use by athletes, as its against the rule. It has inducted clenbuterol as one of the banned substances in their list of dope fail tests. Still, in many places, it is bought over the counter and most of it may not be the real thing and may not give the desired results. But the lure to procure it and use it makes one of the most used and abused substances in the world.


As with many supplements, there is not a set dosage for this supplement as well. Many athletes take the two-week cycle where the small dose of 20 mcg and slowly and steadily increasing this to 140 mcg. And once we reach this 140 mcg level the dose is again reduced gradually to 20 mcg. If you are new to this drug, then it is better to start with smaller doses to familiarize your body the effects of this drug.

There is no need to split the dosage and can be taken in one go. This is according to the preference of the user. Some take as a morning dosage; others prefer to take it at night to minimize the side effects in the sleep. There are various theories floated but the user that splitting the dosage would reduce the side effects. It’s still not backed by any proof. And we can clearly say that what suits you, is what you do. Also, if you want to see visible before and after effects, then you should ensure that you take Clenbuterol in acceptable dosages, as taking high quantities of the pill can do more harm than good. Clen is the most powerful weight loss and body building supplement that works. Visit www.ClenCycle.com to grab more know-how and information about the clen cycle.

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