Going green & saving fuel is good for business.

Eco, green, environmentally friendly, sustainable and low carbon foot print are buzz words popularised today as more people are conscious of going green and looking after the environment.

Measures to curb the consumption of fuels and resources will usually cost money, at least in the short term but long term many advantages are offered with future cost savings which can be factored in to offset the initial costs.

So what are the benefits of a green approach to doing business and what are the advantages of doing so?

In the long term you will save money. As fuel prices increase the savings would be exponentially greater. Reducing your outgoings as a business and trimming off waste is one of the best and easiest ways to maintain your profitability. Winning new business and chasing contracts takes time and effort and sometimes is without reward financially so cutting your overheads makes good economic sense.

It makes your business look good and responsible and people tend to prefer companies with an ethical and responsible approach to business. It also enhances your brand credibility as other companies and businesses like to be seen to be doing businesses with other environmentally conscious businesses.

Where do you start planning to turn your business green?

The main focus should be on reducing carbon dependency, switching to lower energy alternatives and increasing insulation to minimise heat loss.

  • Low voltage lighting
  • Using laptops rather than desktops
  • Switching off devices over night
  • Reducing standby times on electrical items or use timers to shut them off after business hours.
  • Solar panels, wind turbines and solar hot water heaters can all make a substantial contribution to minimising your energy usage.
  • Insulating walls, roofs and using thermally reflective barriers behind radiant heat sources.

Much of the modern business transactions take place on paper and printed mediums such as letters, brochures, flyers and magazines. These take up resources and have a large cost associated with them. By going to a paperless or near paperless business model you can really cut costs, and speed up the turn over time.

Instead of sending invoices by post use email, allow customers to download PDF brochures, and maximise your use of your company website. Keeping your website up to date will be a fantastic way to keep in touch with your client base. Utilising social media platforms you can create viral marketing campaigns that pretty much run themselves if you think it out strategically first.

Saving money on business vehicle usage.

Vehicles can soak up much of a companies resources.

By encouraging drivers of your vehicle fleet to drive economically you will accomplish the following.

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Minimise the need for wear and tear based repairs
  • Reduce time taken out for refuelling and maintenance
  • Extend the life of consumable items such as tires, clutches and brakes

By monitoring your drivers MPG (miles per gallon) you will not only promote an atmosphere of cost savings and responsible driving you will also see if vehicles are in need of servicing or maintenance as drops in fuel consumption will often indicate issues with the condition of the vehicle. TorqueCars offer a handy MPG calculator on this link

How to improve your vehicles fuel consumption

Save fuel by following these driving tips.

  • Avoid using full or heavy throttle
  • Anticipate stops and ease off the throttle in good time
  • Don’t leave an engine idling for long periods
  • Don’t carry unnecessary weight in your vehicles
  • Try to avoid heavy braking as this wastes kinetic energy
  • Drive at more conservative speeds*

* Up to 40% of a fuel saving can be made going 20% under the posted speed limits compared with exceeding it by 15% on even short journeys.

On large fleets these cost savings can add up to a considerable amount. Some companies have adapted their fleets to run in an economical mode by making adjustments to the engine computer program. Selection of low friction tyres can also help to reduce the fuel consumption.

So it makes good business sense to have a green approach and by looking to save your fuel and resource consumption your business will grow and be more profitable.

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