Focusing on Safety of Decorative Contact Lenses

Wouldn’t it be great to dress up like a vampire and have glowing redish eyes for Halloween? How about a profound violet eye color to co-ordinate  with your purple t-shirt? What about your national flag on your eyes, to show your patriotism on a special day? You can do all of these things with funky Decorative contact lenses.

These lenses should not alter vision—they simply modify how your eyes look.

You might want to mirror your favorite actor or vocalist for an event, cap off the ideal costume for Halloween, or any number of other things, but altering the appearance of your eyes with contact lenses could do a great deal of harm to your visual perception if you get the wrong ones. You are safest to still get the advice of your eye care professional.

Contact Lenses

Modern decorative contact lenses are often known by different names:

  • Designer contact lenses
  • Halloween contact lenses
  • Hued contact lenses
  • Ornamental contact lenses
  • Special Effect contact lenses

Enlivening contact lenses simply transform the look of your eyes by temporarily changing your eyes appearance. Everything from simply changing color to varied theme options like feline eyes or vampire eyes for Halloween. As with remedial contact lenses you can find these lenses in your local eyewear suppliers, but try not to buy from markets,  road side vendors or a Halloween store. Lenses made from low quality materials can be a health hazard, so use only highly recommended and trusted outlets like lensrage.

Just to repeat the warning, donning any kind of contact lenses, including brightly colored ones, can bring about genuine harm to your eyes if the lenses you purchase are not in accordance with your prescription, not made by a trusted manufacturer or in some cases ,if not used properly.

As always, keep your contacts lenses in top condition

Its not so hard to do with quality care practices and equipment.

  • Follow the advice of your eyewear professional and instruction of the maker
  • Always wash hands carefully before touching your contacts
  • Make sure it has not been turned inside out before you place it on your eye
  • Always put contacts in place before putting makeup on
  • Remove contact lenses before cleaning your makeup off
  • Contacts must stay lubricated at all times, when not in use always store in a suitable solution
  • Once removed, contacts should be both disinfected and cleaned with fresh solution each time
Decorative Contact LensesFor the fun of it try a totally new look. Something improbable but alluring like these Red contacts, are hard to miss, and sure to be a conversation starter no matter where you wear them Gery Contact lensesFor something more subtle, change from Green to Grey for the day

There are many new colors including Pacific Blue, Sea Green, and Caribbean Aqua.

A few Dont’s, never:

  • Use contacts when you have red, sore eyes.
  • Use damaged lenses
  • Use your disposable lenses longer than recommended
  • Use outdated lens solutions
  • Use your saliva or tap water on lenses
  • Rub eyes while you have your lenses in
  • Swim with them in
  • Swap lenses with a freind
  • Leave lenses on warm surfaces or appliances

Also never ignore eye irritation. Things like a feeling of uneasiness, excessive tearing, sensitivity to light, tingling, abnormal redness, obscured vision, or swelling, or torment.  If this happens, remove the lenses and contact your eye care proficient quickly. Keep the lenses, as they may help your Doctor to indentify the cause of the reactions.

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