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How to Perform Batch Photo Resizing with Movavi Photo Batch

 Movavi Photo Batch is a batch resizing tool that allows you to resize multiple photos into the same size at one time. This can help you to save time in individually opening each photo and entering the new width and height to resize the photo. It simplifies the task of resizing a large collection of photos from what originally would have taken you hours to a task that can be completed in just a few minutes.

You have the option of loading the photos through either the + Files or + Folder button. The + Files button allows you to select individual files from different folders while the + Folder button allows you to add one folder of images at a time into the drag and drop area. When the photos are load, it will appear in large thumbnails in the drag and drop area so that you can easily see what photo files you have opened. Next, you must go to the Resize tab and choose the resize mode. There are several resize modes.astonyshine

Scale to width means all the resized photos will have the same width. Scale to height allows you to apply the same height to all the photos at one time. Scale by percentage allows you to increase or decrease the size of all the photos by percentage. For example, if you enter 70%, the photos will be resized to 70% of the original size. Scale to size allows you to specify both the width and height to resize the photo. The photos will be resized based on the original proportions so that they don’t look distorted. If you want to resize a photo without the original proportion setting, you can choose the custom size option from the resize mode drop down menu. Get more details at https://www.movavi.com/image-resizer/ .

The photo resizing function is ideal for reducing the size of large photos. Large photos can take up a few gigabytes of spaces but reducing their sizes will shrink the photo file size to just a few KB. You can adjust the photo quality by going to the Format & Quality tab. In this tab, you can choose the output format and adjust the quality of the photo format by toggling the slider. As you toggle the photo quality slider, you can see the percentage increasing or decreasing. You can adjust the photo quality no matter what photo format you choose from the output format drop down menu.

When you are finally ready to save the photo, you can press the Batch Export button and choose from one of the options on how to save the photos. There are four options on how to save the photos. The first option lets you specify a new folder to save the photos. The second option allows you to save the photos in the original folder. The original photo files won’t be deleted if you choose the second option. The third option allows you to replace the original photo files. The fourth option allows you to save each photo alongside the original photo.

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