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Basic Information for mobile repairing for beginners

Hello, I have come back again after many days with this very interesting, knowledgeable and important article only for you. Today, We are going to discuss about the history of mobile phone, parts and components, power section, Problem and solution, Mobile repairing tools, Mobile software solution. Some institute provides you mobile repairing courses in certain amount. There are so many mobile shopkeeper in your place who manipulates you for mobile repairing.

Guys, this article is very important for you if you want to know about basic mobile repairing tips. Because, this article for those people who wants to learn mobile repairing from basic to higher level free. This article helps you to grow your knowledge about the internal parts of mobile phone.

Mobile repairing course in urdu

Some basic knowledge of mobile repairing-

History of Mobile phones-

We are not focused broadly on the history of mobile phones. Because, we learn here mobile repairing. But, we are giving you little bit information about the history of mobile phones.

John F. Mitchell and Dr. Martin Cooper was introduced first handheld phone in 1973 by Motorola. This phone weight approx. 4.4 pounds. In 1984, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x available commercially. A few descriptions can be science fiction novel Space cadet by Robert Heinlein in 1948. The protaganist, who has just traveled to Colorado from his home in Lowa, receives a call from his father on a telephone in his pocket. Before leaving for earth orbit, he decides to ship the telephone home “Since it was limited by its short range in the neighborhood of an earth-side [i.e terrestrial] relay office.”

All basic components found on mobile phones you must know these terms of mobile repairing:

  • For providing a power source for mobile phone need a BATTERY.
  •  To give input to the mobile phones needs a KEYPAD. But now most smartphones are having touch screens.
  • To see the output of the input need a DISPLAY.
  • All GSM phones having a SIM card for receiving network and communication between the mobile phone.
  • Some phones having CDMA. It’s similar as GSM. And its having similar card called R-UIM.
  • All phones uniquely identified by IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

Handsets with more advanced computing ability, facility and most advanced software application. This type of phone is called smartphone. The knowledge of the basic component of the phone must important for mobile repairing.

SIM CARD (Subscriber Identification Module) – SIM card is small microchip. It’s used in GSM feature phones. The SIM card stores IMSI and Ki very securely. IMSI and Ki used to identify and authenticate the user of the mobile phone. Sim card allows users to change SIM card from one phone to another phone. In 1991, First SIM card makes by Munich smart card maker Giesecke & Devrient for the Finnish wireless network operator Radiolinja. Most of the people know about this. This is also the most important for mobile repairing.

Multi-Card hybrid phones – A multi-card hybrid phone can hold two to four SIM cards. This type of phone having GSM (SIM) and CDMA (R-UIM) slots. It’s necessary for mobile repairing.

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