Custom windows for your unique home

Naturally none of us has a home without windows. Your windows can make your home both beautiful, and unique. There are numerous choices of colors, materials and styles so you can get exactly the look you want in your custom windows.

As the name suggests, Custom windows are all about you working with a supplier to design or customize window sizes and styles to give you precisely what you want.hat these windows provide the element of uniqueness and attraction in the same way exactly that you want.

These windows are usually incorporated into the more featured rooms of your home, as well as built into the front of your home to add street appeal. Think about your sitting rooms, dining rooms, sun rooms, or library  and consider the impact that custom windows could add.

Custom windows in living room

Custom windows are generally larger than average windows and often require carefull design work to make sure that the size, shape, color and placement give you the impact that an investment like this deserves.

Properly designed, these windows will add impact in numerous ways.

Bring the outside in

You can bring the “outside in”.  If you are lucky enough to have beautiful views, it makes sense to invest a little more to provide a high impact “framing” of that view for you and your guests to enjoy.The fact about custom windows that you might have needed them differently for different places of your

Maximize the light available, by bringing more of it into your home.  Well positioned , floor to ceiling windows will add life and natural light  as well as creating the indivual look that you want.

Add  full length doors, or opening panes to provide easy access or an abundance of fresh air all year long.

If your climate or location mean that Temperatues or external noise is a factor, look to double or triple glazing like that used in the dining room image above.

Double glazed frames

New style frames maean double and triple glazing can be done in timber or metal, and will disappear into the outlook as easily as single glazing does.

We added unique window treatments to our home, it was on of the best lifestyle investments we have ever made




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