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Interview. Answers to the questions at the interview

How to successfully pass a job interview?Recommendations for the successful passage of interview and the correct answers to the typical questions asked during the interview when applying for a job. This tone can scare a potential employer, however, will help you stand strong, dedicated, bold and determined man, capable of ...

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Adapting staff

In 60%  firms to adapt the program as such, have registered on paper, no. This is most likely a question of corporate culture. People worked in the same company. But listening to the advice of experienced HR managers, better take a man who worked for a large corporation. Because the ...

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Rules of entering into a new labor collective

That’s the first time. The soul feels excitement and anxiety overnight. As everything goes? Can I enter a new team? Such questions a little confused and clouded joy. Not so scary! Knowing a few simple rules, you can successfully go through an adjustment period and painlessly integrate into the team. ...

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How to become a real leader?

To be a leader, it is important to adhere to certain commands. First of all, you need to realize himself the owner of his life. The vision of your desired future should be the main motivator to achieve the goal. It should be remembered that no one in his life ...

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How to make money in times of crisis?

All over the world, and particularly in our great country, where, apparently, there are no economic problems can not be, the financial crisis rages. The growth of the dollar and the euro, the fall of the ruble, falling oil prices – all these are clear signs of economic instability. By ...

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Family or career?


The average family has always run two spouses. What is often the cause of discord in the family. In recent years, psychologists noticed the trend that women have more time to work, while completely forgetting that they are the guardians of the hearth, so many couples eventually begin to divide ...

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Financial sector: the beginning of a career

The forums on employment and then discuss the unimportance of the diploma for admission to work in a bank or a company related to finances. Just tell us how to properly prepare the CV, some questions are asked during the interview and how to dress for a meeting. My opinion? All this, ...

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