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Diesel tuning – getting more power and more economy!

Diesel tuning

The modern turbo diesel engine is a small marvel. Original diesel engines used to be unrefined and smelly. Modern fuel injection directly in the cylinder and advancements in turbo chargers has meant that turbo diesel engines are refined and extract stupid amounts of power from every drop of fuel. By ...

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How to Find Best Auto Insurance Companies Online?

There are a millions of insurance companies which offer or claim to offer the best insurance in the world whether it is auto insurance, wealth insurance or home owner insurance. Most of the people find difficulties in finding auto insurance companies. So the best auto insurance companies are the ones ...

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Lexus SUV lease – Do it with Convenience

Lexus SUV lease

Getting a Lexus SUV on lease is a tough decision. However, if you are full aware off all the information and knowledge behind then things can become easy. Following are the deals for lease specials and for people who are willing to get a Lexus SUV lease terms: CT It ...

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Facelifted Fiat 500 coming to Frankfurt

Previous spy photos already indicated that a refreshed Fiat 500 was on the way, but the latest shots of it in a parking garage have suggested a much more significant update to the little Italian hatchback than we first thought. Surprisingly, the most recent examples to be photographed have started ...

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Apple Maps may offer route based on cell signal strength

With cars becoming increasingly connected through ever more complicated infotainment systems, being able to keep the information flowing is become even more vital to many drivers. With a recently published patent, Apple has just the trick to make sure there’s never a drop ever again when doing some 4G streaming ...

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