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Diesel tuning

Diesel tuning – getting more power and more economy!

The modern turbo diesel engine is a small marvel. Original diesel engines used to be unrefined and smelly.

Modern fuel injection directly in the cylinder and advancements in turbo chargers has meant that turbo diesel engines are refined and extract stupid amounts of power from every drop of fuel.

By tuning a diesel engine you can extract much more power, reliably and in most cases actually increase the vehicles fuel economy on a like for like journey comparison. TorqueCars have seen a significant increase in the number of people looking into diesel tuning. Senior partner at TorqueCars says, “I used to hate diesels and after looking into them and hearing about the experiences of our members, now I drive one and love it. You can’t beat the power and fuel economy which has literally saved me around £500 per year alone. When remapped things get even better.”

Diesel tuning

Diesel Benefits

  • Lots of low down torque
  • Significantly better gas mileage than a petrol engine
  • Long term reliability and durability

Diesel Drawbacks

  • Emissions can be harmful to health
  • Particulate filters can be  a problem depending on your driving style
  • Fuel prices have crept up more than petrol
  • Limited rev

    rangeneeding more gear changes

  • Diesel engines will never sound sporty

When you compare a modern diesel engine to a petrol equivalent it actually doesn’t make sense to go with the petrol option. The diesels are virtually as quick and generally around 30% more economical.

The better gas mileage you get and the high amounts of Torque really add up. You will also expect a diesel engine to run for 200,000 miles or more comfortably without requiring a rebuild.

Most of the modern turbo diesel engines are controlled by the ECU – the engine computer. This adjusts the amount of fuel used, the duration of the intake and the amount of boost provided by the turbo.

Manufacturers set up cars to the absolute minimum standards they need to meet in every country they sell in. Fuel differs as do driving and weather conditions so you can appreciate the compromises that have to be made.

By simply adjusting the “map” in the ECU you can tune the engine to meet your personal requirements. It is a process known as ECU remapping and is carried out usually through the computers diagnostic port. This process can take an hour or two if you are wanting a custom tune up.

Most companies offer off the shelf options, a map which has been designed and setup for your country and the average condition of a car. The alternative is a custom map which is setup precisely for your car and your requirements.

You can choose an economy option which will usually mean slightly less top end power but more often that not you’ll still get more power but with around 25% more fuel economy.

There are performance maps which focus more on power giving around 30% more power and 10% more economy.

At the top end you get a race map which uses the maximum amount of fuel and can create more smoke and soot, so may not pass emissions tests.

You’ll find that with diesel tuning your clutch may start to slip and you will certainly be more likely to experience wheel spin as you dial in all that extra torque.

Expect to service a remapped car more frequently though and you’ll get through tires and clutches slightly more frequently but this is a small price to pay for all of that extra power.

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